The dyes listed here are water soluble anionic dyes selected from the acid, direct and reactive dye classes. They have good solubility in water and moderate solubility in glycols and alcohols. The suggested pH range for dyes listed herein is 5-9. We offer other specialty dyes for high pH and low pH applications.



There are a number of applications for these dyes, such as :

  • Industrial & Household Products - Detergents & Cleaners

  • Agriculture - Water and fertilizer tracing, flower dyeing

  • Wood -  Excelsior and paper dyeing

  • Craft Products - Liquid potpourri, bazaar dyes, ink stamps


Depth of Shade

Typical use rates in water-based liquid solutions

     Very Light Shade
            1-lb per 25,000 gallons(4.8 ppm)

    Light Shade
            1-lb per 10,000 gallons(12 ppm)

     Medium Shade
            1-lb per 5,000 gallons(24 ppm)

     Dark Shade
            1-lb per 2,000 gallons(60 ppm)

    Very Dark Shade
            1-lb per 500 gallons(240 ppm)

*Note: ppm means parts per million. When adding dye to liquid, 1ppm is equivalent to 1 milligram per liter (mg/l)