High Lightfast (HLF) Solvent Dyes for Polar Solvents and Alcohols


High Lightfast (HLF) Solvent Dyes for Polar Solvents and Alcohols are metal complex-solvent soluble dyes. These dyes are soluble in polar organic solvents such as methanol, ethanol, acetone, MEK, etc.  The dyes are characterized by:

  • Superior Lightfastness and Heat Stability
  • Good Resistance to Chemical Attack
  • High Transparency
  • Very High Dye Purity



These solvent dyes are used in a variety of applications including:

  • Coatings and Lacquers for Metal Foils
  • Inks and Wood Stains
  • Coloring High Transparency Plastics
  • Coloring Industrial Fluids made from Polar Solvents.

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Solvent Dye

Light - Dark

1-lb Jar        5-lb Jar


Solvent  Ruby Red HLF 7342

93.00/lb    |    72.98/lb


Solvent  Scarlet Red HLF 7345

62.00/lb    |    41.52/lb


Solvent Blue HLF 7015

67.00/lb    |    46.44/lb


Solvent Yellow HLF 7510

64.00/lb    |    43.95/lb


Solvent Burgundy HLF 7354

69.00/lb    |    48.45/lb


Solvent Green HLF 7222

75.00/lb    |    54.90/lb


Solvent Orange HLF 7424

82.00/lb    |    61.24/lb


Solvent Brown HLF 7613

92.00/lb    |    71.99/lb

Solvent Black HLF 7724

Solvent Black HLF 7724

64.00/lb    |    43.44/lb


Solvent Fuchsia HLF 7142

72.00/lb    |    51.43/lb


Colors shown are CMYK approximations only. Actual colors will vary depending upon use rate and the nature of the product to which these dyes are applied. In some cases, especially with oranges shades, the actual dye colors are brighter than those depicted on this chart.