Opti-Bright™ Fluorescent Whitening Agents

(Optical Brighteners)



Fluorescent whitening agents, also called optical brighteners absorb ultraviolet radiation (at less than 380 nm) and emit some of this energy in the visible spectrum. This conversion of energy from ultraviolet to visible enables objects to look “whiter or brighter" than they really are. With optical brighteners, the ultraviolet energy is emitted in the blue section of the visible spectrum. For this reason optical brighteners are sometimes referred to as bluing agents.



Optical brighteners are used widely in textiles, paper, laundry and cleaning products. Dirty clothing will often have a slight yellow cast after laundering. The yellow that is absorbed is counteracted by the blue that is emitted by the optical brightener, making the material appear whiter than it really is.


Use Rates

It is difficult to assign use rates for optical brighteners because of the wide range of products and uses.

In general, they are used in the range of 0.01-2% on weight. Concentrated products that will be diluted before use require significantly higher loading.




Liquid                                                        Quart          Gallon       5-Gallons       30-Gallons

                                                                        (2-lbs)         (8.4-lbs)       (42-lbs)         (250-lbs)

Opti-Bright Nylocel 4BCA Liquid          20.00/lb          8.49/lb            6.49/lb                4.49/lb

Opti-Glow 2000 (Solvent Soluble)             36.00/lb        32.78/lb          30.78/lb             28.78/lb




Powder                                                          1-lb  Jar           5-lb  Jar          25-lb  Pail

Opti-Bright Nylocel CN Powder             32.00/lb               13.68/lb              11.68/lb

Opti-Bright NFCB Powder                       42.00/lb               34.03/lb               32.03/lb