Moss Revive


Moss Revive is a specially formulated spray-on colorant for use on many moss varieties. The product consists of semi-transparent pigments in an acrylic binder. Pigments give better fade resistance than typical dyes and the acrylic binder adds improved resistance to water.


Helps restore color to faded moss in dioramas and floral displays. Perfect for sheet moss and sphagnum moss, Moss Revive has been used successfully in coloring moss liners for hanging baskets. Be creative with the application of Moss Revive! Spraying on more than one shade of green often gives a more natural look.







Using Moss Revive

 Available in several shades, Moss Revive comes in concentrated form. Dilute with water and spray on using a trigger sprayer or an air-driven spray gun. Typical dilution rates are one part Moss Revive to five parts water.


Pricing for Moss Revive


1-Quart       1-Gallon        5-Gallons

MR12 Azure Blue                                                             28.52/ea        48.28/gal        41.28/gal

MR15 Midnight Blue                                                      40.82/ea        60.58/gal        53.58/gal

MR20 Yellow                                                                     27.49/ea        47.25/gal        40.25/gal

MR30 Mint Green                                                           25.15/ea        44.91/gal        37.91/gal

MR35 Bright Green                                                        27.90/ea        47.66/gal        40.66/gal

MR36 Lemon Lime                                                         41.74/ea        61.50/gal        54.50/gal

MR38 Basil                                                                        25.15/ea        44.91/gal        37.91/gal

MR42 Chartreuse                                                            29.54/ea        49.30/gal        42.30/gal

MR45 Spring Green                                                       25.15/ea         44.91/gal        37.91/gal

MR50 Fiesta Red                                                             31.81/ea         50.94/gal        43.94/gal

MR52 Red                                                                         37.74/ea         57.50/gal        50.50/gal

MR54 Cinnabar                                                               51.89/ea        71.65/gal        64.65/gal

MR58 Fuchsia                                                                  48.25/ea        68.01/gal        61.01/gal

MR70 Loganberry                                                          62.75/ea         82.51/gal       75.51/gal

MR75 Purple Violet                                                       44.10/ea         63.86/gal       56.86/gal