Fragrances for Dried Floral Products & Potpourri

Fragrance oils are widely used to scent potpourri, incense sticks, fresh and dried floral bouquets, and air fresheners. Fragrances are generally added to potpourri at the rate of 1% - 3.0% on weight of the product to which they are applied.


Fragrances for Industrial & Institutional Products

This list of fragrances is for Industrial and Institutional (I&I) products such as janitorial cleaners, room air fresheners, soaps and detergents etc. These fragrances are also used to mask unpleasant odors such as pet urine, mold and smoke damage.


All-Natural Fragrances

From a freshly cut orange to a ripe strawberry, the world around us is a very fragrant one. That’s why we use nature’s best ingredients to meet today’s increasing demand for all-natural products. Our all-natural fragrances can be used in a variety of applications.