Food, Drug & Cosmetic Dyes (FD&C)


FDA Certified colors have many uses outside of  applications for food, pharmaceutical drugs &  cosmetics. Because of the purity and low toxicity these colorants do have industrial and technical uses. Examples include markers and highlighters, agricultural chemicals, tracer dyes, and household cleaners. We offer the following colors  that are equivalent in strength and purity, but are not FDA certified. This enables us to sell these colorants at a lower price by saving the FDA certification fee.  We do not sell these products for applications that require FDA certification under 21 CFR  parts 70-82.  Theses colorants are NOT certified by the FDA.


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*Due to fluctuating prices of raw materials, prices are subject to change. Please call to confirm pricing.

Inquire for pricing in quantities of 100 pounds and larger.


Light - Dark

1-lb Jar        5-lb Jar        25-lb Pail

FD&C Blue #1 Powder

Brilliant Blue FCF

(Uncertified FD&C Blue #1)

                                                                                               52.62/lb    |    32.62/lb    |    28.62/lb


FD&C Blue #2 Powder

Indigo Carmine

(Uncertified FD&C Blue #2)

                                                                                                71.44/lb    |    51.44/lb    |    47.44/lb


FD&C Green #3 Powder

Fast Green FCF

(Uncertified FD&C Green #3)

                                                                                               123.43/lb    |    103.43/lb   |     99.43/lb


D&C Green #5 Powder

Alizarine Cyanine Green ( Acid Green 25)

(Uncertified D&C Green #5)

                                                                                               123.43/lb    |    103.43/lb    |    99.43/lb


FD&C Red #3 Powder


(Uncertified FD&C Red #3)

                                                                                                98.24/lb    |    78.24/lb    |    74.24/lb


D&C Red #28 Powder

Phloxine B (Acid Red 92)

(Uncertified D&C Red #28)

                                                                                               98.24/lb    |    78.24/lb    |    74.24/lb


D&C Red #33 Powder

Fuchsine (Acid Red 33)

(Uncertified D&C Red #33)

                                                                                               120.78/lb    |    100.78/lb    |    96.78/lb


FD&C Red #40 Powder

Allura Red

(Uncertified FD&C Red #40)

                                                                                               47.24/lb    |    27.24/lb    |    23.24/lb


D&C External Violet #2 Powder

Alizarine Violet (Acid Violet 33)

(Uncertified D&C External Violet #2)  

                                                                                                156.85/lb    |    136.85/lb    |    132.85/lb


FD&C Yellow #5 Powder

Tartrazine (Acid Yellow 23)

(Uncertified FD&C Yellow #5)

                                                                                                39.83/lb    |    19.83/lb     |   15.83/lb


FD&C Yellow #6 Powder

Sunset Yellow FCF

(Uncertified FD&C Yellow #6)

                                                                                                39.03/lb    |    19.03/lb    |    15.03/lb


D&C Yellow #10 Powder

Quinoline Yellow (Acid Yellow 3)

(Uncertified D&C Yellow #10)  

                                                                                               106.93/lb    |    86.93/lb     |   82.93/lb


Orange II (Acid Orange 7)

(Uncertified D&C Orange #4)

                                                                                                72.76/lb     |     52.76/lb    |     48.76/lb




FD&C Lakes are water-insoluble forms of FD&C dyes. FD&C lakes are made by extending on a substratum of alumina, a salt prepared from a certified water soluble color with the basic radical aluminum. Certified by the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA).


Inquire for pricing in quantities of 100 pounds and larger.



1-lb Jar        5-lb Jar        25-lb Pail


Brilliant Blue FCF Alum. Lake, Low (Pigment Blue 78)

(Uncertified FD&C Blue 1 Alum. Lake, Low)

                                                 42.00/lb    |    21.06/lb    |    17.06/lb




Brilliant Blue FCF Alum. Lake, High (Pigment Blue 78)

(Uncertified FD&C Blue 1 Alum. Lake, High)

                                                 43.00/lb     |   22.94/lb    |    18.94/lb



Allura Red FCF Alum. Lake, High (Pigment Red 273)

(Uncertified FD&C Red 40 Alum. Lake, High)

                                                 41.00/lb    |    20.89/lb    |    16.89/lb



Tartrazine FCF Alum. Lake, Low (Pigment Yellow 100)

(Uncertified FD&C Yellow 5 Alum. Lake, Low)

                                                 41.00/lb    |    20.84/lb    |    16.84/lb



Tartrazine FCF Alum. Lake, High (Pigment Yellow 100)

(Uncertified FD&C Yellow 5 Alum. Lake, High)

                                                 41.00/lb    |    20.84/lb    |    16.84/lb



Sunset Yellow FCF Alum. Lake, High (Pigment Yellow 104)

(Uncertified FD&C Yellow 6 Alum. Lake, High )

                                                 41.00/lb    |     20.74/lb    |    16.74/lb

Colors shown are CMYK approximations only. Actual colors will vary depending upon use rate and the nature of the product to which these dyes are applied. In some cases, especially with oranges shades, the actual dye colors are brighter than those depicted on this chart.