Color Splash

Poinsettias with Color Splash and Glitter applied to them

About Color Splash

Color Splash is a unique line of spray-on colors that add eye-catching effects to everyday flowers and plants. Whether it's a metallic sheen, pearlescence, or a brighter color that your customers desire, Color Splash provides you with options to escape the ordinary.

Using a water-based formula, Color Splash allows for an easy and quick application. It's safe for use on most plants and resists washing-off and fading.  With Color Splash, you can also add Koch Color Glitter right after painting.


Using Color Splash

When you order Color Splash, you will receive a brochure with detailed and easy-to-understand directions with proper application techniques. Color Splash is a ready-to-use pigment dispersion that contains an acrylic binder. It is formulated to be applied as a spray. To achieve optimum results, an air-driven spray gun and air compressor are recommended.

The average coverage rate for Color Splash is approximately 300 6 in. plants per gallon. Coverage rates will vary depending on canopy size and desired strength of shade.

Before Color Splash

After Color Splash

IMPORTANT: Product cannot freeze. Please order before cold winter temperatures to avoid expensive air freight.


NOTE: Our paint, glitter and adhesives have undergone significant testing and have demonstrated very good results with no significant adverse effects on the longevity of fresh flowers and potted plants. However, due to the sensitive nature of plants, positive results cannot be guaranteed in all applications. We strongly encourage you to conduct your own thorough tests to confirm that your specific procedure gives adequate results.


Pricing for Color Splash

1-Quart Bottle = 2.00 lbs

1-Gallon Jug = 8.50 lbs

5-Gallon Pail = 43.00 lbs


Standard Colors


1-Quart        1-Gallon        5-Gallons

Red CC102

18.80/lb      |      12.30/lb       |      10.80/lb


Blue CC106

17.03/lb      |      10.53/lb        |       9.03/lb


Purple CC104

16.95/lb      |      10.45/lb        |       8.95/lb


Pearlescent Colors


1-Quart        1-Gallon        5-Gallons

Pearlescent Apricot CC251

18.34/lb       |      11.84/lb        |     10.34/lb


Pearlescent Orange CC204

18.09/lb       |       11.59/lb        |      10.09/lb


Pearlescent Pink CC201

20.08/lb       |        13.58/lb        |       12.08/lb


Metallic Colors


1-Quart        1-Gallon        5-Gallons

Gold CC300

23.94/lb    |        17.44/lb     |      15.94/lb


Silver CC301    

23.64/lb    |         17.14/lb     |     15.64/lb