Acidic (Low pH) product (pH<4)


These specially selected dyes are intended for use in dyeing industrial products where color stability in acidic environments (pH<7) is critical.

Acid stable dyes exhibit improved stability in acidic solutions compared to most dyes. However, the stability of these dyes cannot be guaranteed in all solutions. It is essential that thorough testing be completed on a sample basis BEFORE proceeding to use these dyes on a production level.



Typical use rates in water-based liquid solutions

     Very Light Shade

            1-lb per 25,000 gallons             (4.8 ppm)

    Light Shade

            1-lb per 10,000 gallons             (12 ppm)

     Medium Shade

            1-lb per 5,000 gallons                (24 ppm)

     Dark Shade

            1-lb per 2,000 gallons                (60 ppm)

    Very Dark Shade

            1-lb per 500 gallons                   (240 ppm)


*Note: ppm means parts per million. When adding dye to liquid, 1ppm is equivalent to 1 milligram per liter (mg/l)


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Acid Stable Dyes pricing 

Light - Dark

1-lb Jar        5-lb Jar        25-lb Pail

Acid Stable Blue 5040

49.00/lb   |   29.64/lb    |    25.64/lb

Acid Stable Sky Blue 5045 New

94.00/lb    |    75.91/lb    |    71.91/lb

Acid Stable Green 5230

47.00/lb    |    27.04/lb    |    23.04/lb

Acid Stable Aqua 5270

46.00/lb    |    25.89/lb    |    21.89/lb

Acid Stable Red 5214

41.00/lb    |    21.45/lb    |    17.45/lb

Acid Stable Red 5470 New

44.00/lb    |    24.25/lb    |    20.25/lb

Acid Stable Yellow 5505

41.00/lb    |    21.47/lb    |    17.47/lb


Colors shown are CMYK approximations only. Actual colors will vary depending upon use rate and the nature of the product to which these dyes are applied. In some cases, especially with oranges shades, the actual dye colors are brighter than those depicted on this chart.