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Absorption dyes are specially selected anionic dyes used to systemically dye fresh cut flowers and foliage. These water soluble dyes are primarily used in two applications:

  • dyeing fresh cut flowers that will be sold on the fresh flower market.
  • dyeing fresh flowers and foliage that will be sold as a dried or preserved product.

In the latter case, the dyes are either used with glycerine preservatives to dye flowers and foliage while they are being preserved or are used to dye fresh flowers and foliage after harvest before being air dried.

When dyeing fresh cut flowers, the dyes are generally used at the rate of 1-2 ounces per gallon (8-16 grams per liter) of water. One pound of dye tints approximately 5,000-10,000 stems. In addition, these dyes are also suitable for systemically dyeing fresh cut flowers or foliage immediately after harvest before being air-dried.

Our absorption floral dyes can also be added to glycerine-based systemic preserving solutions to color eucalyptus, gypsophila, sinuata statice, etc. during the preserving process. General use rates are 0.25-0.75 ounces per gallon, (2-6 grams per liter), depending on depth of shade desired.



Absorption dyes generally require the use of a wetting agent (surfactant) to facilitate uptake. This is especially true for dyeing fresh cut flowers. In most cases the addition of a wetting agent also benefits glycerine preservative solutions. Thorough experimentation is recommended prior to production. We recommend our TW-20 Systemic Wetting Agent. See page 27 for information regarding wetting agents.

Technical Bulletins


Complete information regarding the use of absorption floral dyes is available in the following technical bulletins and should be consulted prior to use.

Note: Reference sheets are not available for instant download. Please contact us at and files will be emailed to you directly.

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